Our aim is to bring true, simple voice communication to the sports world
and allow people to speak with one another with ease, in the city or the
backcountry, now matter how extreme the environment.

Our Products

From on-grid mobile enabled audio, to rugged off-grid peer-to-peer group communications, our products were built to live up to our standards as users and riders. Today we're thrilled to share them with you.

domio 01DOMIO
hearshot 02HEARSHOT

01 Domio

Not to be mistaken for a traditional speaker. Domio transforms any helmet into your own personal concert hall, allowing you to privately listen to music or take calls while remaining fully aware of your surroundings.

two domio

Domio Mount

Our industrial strength curved and flat, waterproof adhesive mounts allow you to securely mount your Domio onto any helmet. Easy slip-in-out installation. Note: 2 mounts are included with each Domio, additional mounts can be purchased.

Domio Calibration App

Helmet designs differ. To ensure your Domio works perfectly with all your helmets we've designed a smart calibration app. Just select your helmet type and activity, and Domio's auto calibration will fine-tune your Domio to work optimally with your helmet.


Optional WhisperNCTM Mic

The optional, WhisperNC™ Mic adds voice communication to Domio. Whisper uses our proprietary WhisperNC™ Mic (Noise Cancellation) technology to make sure you’re always heard clearly, but the environment around you is not. For mounting, the Whisper comes with a smart clip that snaps onto any helmet or goggle strap.


02 Hearshot

Sometimes, where we ride mobile phones are of no help. That’s why we created Hearshot, the world’s first waterproof communication system designed to allow your group to stay connected no matter the environment. Hearshot brings 2-way voice communication to up to 12 riders within a range of 1000 yards. Hearshot, ride connected.

Currently in pilot phase. Retail launch winter 2018.

Helmet Mounted Wearable

Our Tech

  • vibro-audio Core to all our products, our proprietary Vibro-Audio™ technology leverages micro-vibration pulses that transmit sounds through solids, rather than air like a traditional speaker. The result is an incredibly immersive audio experience that only you can hear, while keeping your ears open to the outside environment.
  • whisper-nc We wanted you to be heard, but not your environment. Our powerful noise cancellation technology WhisperNC™ (Noise Cancellation), is designed to eliminate all unwanted sounds: wind, waves, or even city traffic, and retain only human voice. Meaning you can comfortably shred down a mountain or cycle through the park while taking a phone call.
  • omni-sound The heart of our Hearshot line, the Omni-Speak™ platform enables handsfree group voice communication anywhere and everywhere without the need for a mobile phone or any networks. The patented peer-to-peer voice communication platform allows up to 12 users to speak in realtime within a range of 1000 yards